Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Been colouring

Well good evening folks, it's very windy tonight out there.

I have been following some of the new videos for the new generation Spectrum Noirs that Leann is filming at the mo.

I have also been following some of the other ladies blog tips on colouring.

So i was playing around the other night with skin tones and following the tips on the blog post
and here is my end result

Here is a list of the colours i used:
skin : HB2, TN1 and 2, FS 1 and 8
hair: EB1,3 and 8, TN1
leaves : CG1,2 and 4
flowers : TN1 and 2, IG1 and FS1

This image is available here

This was a commissioned piece for a lovely lady i met at a craft fair. The card is for her daughter's birthday and she wanted it to look vintage. 

Thanks for popping by. Look forward to reading your comments. Jo xxx